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Jean-François Latour à l'Académie Internationale Orford en 2016

Jean-François Latour au Centre d'arts Orford
Jean-François Latour au Centre d'arts Orford

Le pianiste et pédagogue Jean-François Latour est professeur à l'Académie Internationale Orford du 31 juillet au 6 août 2016

jean-François Latour est le nouveau pianiste du Trio Hochelaga

Critique: PIano series ends on a high note

"Latour shows a remarkable affinity for Brahms, adding a brilliance to the works that is too often lost in four-square or overly Romantic interpretations."


"What is most remarkable about his readings is thier emohasis on inner voices, sometimes two or three at once. In Brahms at his best there is sometimes a high-pitched secondary melody that hovers over the work like a bright cloud... Latour evokes it better than most pianists I have heard"

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